LiberHetica is a 3-years project started on 1st August 2019 and titled: “Increasing the ethics capacity of oversight for clinical trials in Liberia by establishing European-African collaborations that facilitates implementation of efficient processes, harmonized procedures, standardized guidelines and educative training programs.

The objects of this project are:

  1. To increase the ethics capacity for the oversight of clinical trials at University of Liberia-Pacific Institute for
    Research and Evaluation Institutional Review Board (UL-PIRE-IRB, hosted by UL-PIRE Africa Center), and at the National Research Ethics Board (NREB) of Liberia, and then to recommend the ethics capacity
    improvement strategy to the Ministry of Health of Liberia for a national level implementation.
  2. To strengthen the research ethics education, collaboration, and the ethics procedures harmonisation between the Liberian ethical bodies, universities, research centers and other institutions of the country. To
    address the balance of the gender, expertise and vulnerable populations representatives in the Liberian ethical bodies
  3. Networking with West African, European and already existing ethics networks.
    These objectives will be achieved by establishing a European-African collaborative network that facilitates the implementation of efficient procedures, standardised guidelines and educative training programmes.